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T15 Mezzanine with M straight stairs

Full metallic mezzanine and wooden floors. Easy installation without construction work in all types of surfaces. It splits heights up to 15 m² and is fully extendible in surface and width. The most flexible mezzanine for the home, offices and industrial units. The mezzanine kit includes a complete mezzanine kit that extends to 15m², complete modular stairs with handrail and railing.

The Tecrostar T15 kit includes everything you need to install your own metal mezzanine without construction work

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Data sheet

Kind of productFull Kits
Height-adjustable every (mm)121
Width/Lenght-adjustable every (mm)100
Maximum height above the flooring board (mm)2819
Minimum height above the flooring board (mm)1725
Maximum width (mm)3610
Minimum width (mm)2010
Maximum length (mm)4150
Minimum length (mm)2250
Maximum area (m²)15
Minimum area (m²)8
Total maximum load (Kg)3000
Load capacity in its minimum extension (kg/m²)800
Load capacity in its maximum extension (kg/m²)200
Beam height (mm)200
Which height above the flooring board is needed?From 209 to 233 cm, From 173 to 209 cm, From 233 to 282 cm
Flooring materialEuropean Radiata pine plywood 18 mm thick

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T15 Mezzanine with M straight stairs – The all-terrain mezzanine 

Our star product. The best-selling Tecrostar self-installation mezzanine.               

The T15 Mezzanine with M straight stairs is a complete multi-purpose mezzanine designed to maximise all types of surfaces and spaces. Install your own mezzanine in offices, garages and get two multi-purpose heights, in both your home and business. 

The T15 Mezzanine supports any furniture: it has a load bearing capacity of 200kg/m². It is a totally adjustable metal mezzanine. It doubles your height from 5 a 15 m² and its surface and length can be adjusted whilst remaining stable. A simple, flexible and safe tailored mezzanine that adapts to all needs, without installation. 

Attaching the T15 mezzanine without construction work couldn’t be easier; you only need to attach it to two walls. To install your adjustable mezzanine in open-plan spaces, you can purchase a Tecrostar M stability kit.

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Bonjour, les prix sont affichés HT, est ce que cela veut dire qu'il faut rajouter de la TVA. je suis domicilié en France Merci
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Necesito que el altillo T15 quede justo en la altura de los 2 metros ó 2 metros 10 centímetros. ¿Eso es posible? Sino queda en la altura deseada que solución podrían darle a ese problema?
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Quisiera saber si la altura del altillo T15 puede quedarse justo en los 2 metros de altura. Y si las tablas de madera vienen incluido con el precio de los 1.799 euros. Gracias
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Buenos días: Quisiera saber si es posible contratar la instalación. La ubicación sería en Barberà del Vallés (08210). modelo Altillo T15 con escalera recta M oferta 1799 euros Gracias.
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Se puede installar este producto al exterior por favor? Muchas gracia por su repuesta.
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By on 15 Aug. 2015 (T15 Mezzanine with M straight stairs) :

First class product.

Very easy to erect, took my fitter only 13 hours. The amount of adjustment available on the system is superb. All very well finished and very well packed.

By on 07 Apr. 2014 (T15 Mezzanine with M straight stairs) :

Good quality product!

The mezzanine and stairs are of very good and rigid qualty.
However the for the installation the accompanied plans are not IKEA made neither.... so it is a little bit less easy to install than IKEA furniture. But it is still manageable and the video on screen helps a lot. Tip, please also give info about the size of drill that has to be used and keep the stair and mezzanine assmebling info together in one overlay.



How much is the shipping cost?

Zone A: Delivery is free (only when total amount exceeds 700€). Countries: UK, Spain (except Canary Islands, Islas Baleraes, Ceuta, Melilla), Portugal, France (except islands and Overseas Territories*), Andorra, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria.

Zone B: Shipments cost about 225 euros. Countries: Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Filandia, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Ireland, Spain Islas Baleares, Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla...

Rest of the world. Ask Tecrostar, since this may vary depending on the distance.

What is the delivery time?

For products in stock (white and black), once placed the order the delivery time will be approximately 7 working days.

During our holiday seasons, August, Christmas and Easter, there might be delays in the shipping of the orders.

We inform our customers that TECRO subcontracts the delivery service of its TECROSTAR products. We work together with top international companies, in order to deliver every single order on time and in the best possible way.  However, TECRO cannot take charge of economic compensations which arise from the delivery service of its products.

In any case, TECRO will provide support and coverage as far as possible, so that delays do not occur. In the event of a delay, the delivery service provider  will take care of the situation.

How is shipped and received the product?

Mezzanines are shipped in boxes by an external agency. Products are transported in a truck with a raising platform that allow to unnload the box to the ground (to the building entrance in the street) 

The characteristics of the Tecrostar packages are:

  • Full T8 Mezzanine Tecrostar KIT: 240 cm x 113 cm; Height = 48 cm; Weight aprox. = 360 kg.
  • Full T15 Mezzanine Tecrostar KIT: 240 cm x 113 cm; Height = 63 cm; Weight aprox. = 650 kg.
  • Full T30 Mezzanine Tecrostar KIT: 2 packages of 240 cm x 113 cm; Height = 63 cm; Weight aprox. = 1550 kg (2 x 775kg each package)

How do I upload the producto to my flat?

Do not be scared by the total weight of the product, the pieces are light and handy, so you can easily move them and upload them in the elevator. The heavier pieces are the structural wooden boards (34kg - 2 x 0,9m) that form the floor of the mezzanine. For its handling we recommend 2 people, although the panels fit easily into any elevator.

Can I hire service for upload the material to my flat?

In most cases it is possible. 

What if the access to the delivery address is complicated? 

Sometimes, the carrier cannot access to point of delivery due to an extremely narrow street or any other difficulty. In such cases, the carrier cannot do the delivery with the usual truck and he may need to use a different vehicle or extra support. If the carrier considers that the point of delivery is complicated, request a quotation. If you don’t inform in advance that the access is complicated, the delivery will be paralysed until you pay the extra cost.

Is it delivered on saturdays?


Is it delivered in metropolitan areas as the region of Paris?


Finishing details

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In the following video you can see how to install a T15-M completed mezzanine.

To install Tecrostar mezzanines, two adults are required  (no need to be professional DIY). It is recommended use safety equipment such us gloves, boots, etc..., to avoid any accidents.
You will need the following tools to install mezzanines: tape measure, some kind wrench for screws M10 and M8 and screwdriver (electric screwdriver makes the job easier), level, hammer, drill and some tool to cut the board (jigsaw, circular saw...)

Herramientas necesarias para montar un altillo

Scaffolds or ladders might be required for works at height, specially when the structure is higher than 3m.

All models are installed following the steps below:
1. Making a pre-assembly of the structure on the floor.
2. Raising the outside structure up to the desired height.
3. Finishing the installation of the structure and the structural floor.
4. Installing the stair and the railing.

Other products like stairs or railings are easier to install and require less tools.


How long it takes to install it? How many people are neede?

You can do it yourself. Just need a friend to help you out. You can install it easily in a few hours, depending on the product.

  • T8-S Mezzanine: 3 hours with 2 people
  • T15-M Mezzanine: 4 hours with 2 people
  • T30-L Mezzanine: 5 hours with 3 people*

Due to the high weight of the materials, the installation of this structure requires to use a considerable force. 

How do I pay for my order?

You can choose the payment method you prefer:

  • Bank Wire: 100% in advance.
  • Paypal, (2% extra cost) with payment guarantees offered by this firm.
  • Credit card: remember to adapt the maximum daily use of your card before purchasing any product.
  • Cash on delivery: with a deposit of 150 €, you can pay the rest when the product arrives at your home, with a surcharge of 5%, due to the cost of the transporter by reception that amount.
  • By check (cheque): to be collected after 30 days. As soon as we receive your order, our staff will contact you to send a messenger who picks up your check and bring it up to our facilities within the maximum safety. Once the check is received, your order will be shipped.
  • Companies: you can contact with our administration department on payment for companies.

What it is included in the kit?

What does the kit include?

Tecrostar mezzanines and stairs are supplied with all the required items to install the kit in its

higher surface or height. It includes,

- All the beams and columns.

- The wooden floor.

- All necessary screws.

- Wall fixations.

- Installation manual.

- Bolts to anchor the columns to the floor.

- For orders over 700 € (taxes excluded) the delivery to your doorstep is included.

- Order check to avoid compatibility mistakes or

- Preparations of technical drawings and quotations if needed

- Personalised service of our experts before and after the purchase

What does NOT the kit include?

- Assembly.

- The items that are shown in the pictures but are not specified in the description of the


- Delivery inside a building.

- Lift or lower the products by stairs, lifts or slopes.