T8 - S Mezzanine

Metallic mezzanine with wooden floor, small and versatile. Available in combination with all of Tecrostar’s accessories, railings and stairs to personalise any space with maximum optimisation of the space.

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903,00 €

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Data sheet

Kind of productOnly Mezzanine
Height-adjustable every (mm)121
Width/Lenght-adjustable every (mm)100
Maximum height above the flooring board (mm)2333
Minimum height above the flooring board (mm)1603
Maximum width (mm)2570
Minimum width (mm)1470
Maximum length (mm)2750
Minimum length (mm)1550
Maximum area (m²)8
Minimum area (m²)3
Total maximum load (Kg)1400
Maximum load (Kg/m²)700
Minimum load (Kg/m²)200
Beam height (mm)100
Which height above the flooring board is needed?From 160 to 173 cm, From 173 to 209 cm, From 209 to 233 cm
Flooring materialEuropean Radiata pine plywood 18 mm thick

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T8 Mezzanine — You provide the ideas, we provide the solution

There are no small spaces, just ideas for maximising them. The T8 metal mezzanine can double the space from 3 and 8 square metres. Manageable, light and easy to install without construction work or modifying the walls. A small metal mezzanine that is completely adjustable in terms of height, width and surface that converts any small room into two different and usable areas.

Ideal for lofts, create work spaces or simply small nooks. The T8 metal mezzanine can be combined with all of Tecrostar’s railings and stairs and decorative accessories. For each Tecrostar metal mezzanine to be a unique and personal space.

*To install the stairs inside the structure, it is needed the beam for interior stairs.

Reviews (7)

Por Sandrina O en 01/13/2017
Título: Mezzanine top
Texto: Vraiment idéal pour les petites pièces. Elle a presque doublé la superficie de la chambre de ma fille. Elle adore, c'est un peu comme ça cabane perchée. Hihi
Por Natalia G en 01/05/2016
Título: Fantástica entreplanta totalmente ajustable
Texto: Recibimos el "kit" un poco asustados porque son tantas piezas y tornillos que se nos hacia una montaña... pero lo cierto es que es como un mecano a lo grande, vas probando y como es ajustable y desmontable al final lo montas a la medida perfecta!!!!
Para empezar el servicio de atención al cliente es excelente, Beatriz me atendió muy bien vía email incluso me hizo unos planos con las medidas que le envié. La calidad de las piezas es excelente, contiene todas las fijaciones, tornillos y arriostes para asegurar la firmeza y seguridad de la entreplanta.
Cogí la promoción entreplanta T8 en color negro y cambié la escalera S45-T8 y barandilla T8 sin problema. La entreplanta ha quedado perfecta! le da un toque moderno a una buhardilla reformada de 140 años, ventajas todas, doble espacio y el día que me canse o me cambie de piso, me la llevo conmigo ;)
El único pequeño inconveniente son las instrucciones, no me parecieron del todo claras, pero también hay que decir que no tenemos ningún tipo de experiencia y al final lo montamos igualmente aunque nos costó un poco más de tiempo.
Título: Very good
Texto: A quality product and I am pleased that I purchased it. Easy to erect once you understand which way it goes. Would be useful if parts indicated which way is width and which way is length. One further problem is that the packaging the product comes in is not suitable for home delivery as it is longer than a truck cargo door width and because of the weight it cannot be loaded onto the rear cargo lift. Other than that it is a fine product and works well.
Título: produit correct tree bonne qualité
Texto: bon produit facile a monter
Título: 5
Texto: Ce produit est de très bonne qualité ; pour le moment je n'ai reçu que la mezzanine mais j'attends le kit échelle et le kit rambarde pour terminer le montage.
C'est assez facile à monter soi même : je l'ai fait avec ma fille et nous nous sommes relativement bien débrouillées malgré une notice de montage assez succincte.
En effet, le seul bémol c'est effectivement une insuffisance au niveau des explications pour le montage.
J'espère que nous parviendrons à la terminer correctement mais en tout cas c'est un très bon produit.
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Hi, do you ship to the U.S? If so, what would the approximate shipping cost be?
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Hello,I am interested in buying a T8 mezzanine and I have a couple of questions: - is the floor part of it? - where can one buy the pillar bases needed when one can't fix the structure to wall or floor? Is it safe not to fix the structure anywhere? - how long does it take you to deliver the parcel(s) to the UK?Look forward to hearing from you.Best, Carmine
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Do you need permit to install the mezzanine in the house?Do you have installation service ?The screw of 9cm long. How do I ensure the floor is that thick? Any other way of securing it ?
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Dear Tecrostar, I am considering installing a T8 to create an office area. What do you recommend concerning fixing the legs to the floor? Are there special anchor bolts I should use? The floor has limestone tiles on a concrete base. Kind Regards Malcolm Taylor
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How much is the shipping cost?

Zone A: Delivery is free (only when total amount exceeds 700€). Countries: UK, Spain (except Canary Islands, Islas Baleraes, Ceuta, Melilla), Portugal, France (except islands and Overseas Territories*), Andorra, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria.

Zone B: Shipments cost about 225 euros. Countries: Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Filandia, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Ireland, Spain Islas Baleares, Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla...

Rest of the world. Ask Tecrostar, since this may vary depending on the distance.

What is the delivery time?

For products in stock (white and black), once placed the order the delivery time will be approximately 7 working days.

During our holiday seasons, August, Christmas and Easter, there might be delays in the shipping of the orders.

We inform our customers that TECRO subcontracts the delivery service of its TECROSTAR products. We work together with top international companies, in order to deliver every single order on time and in the best possible way.  However, TECRO cannot take charge of economic compensations which arise from the delivery service of its products.

In any case, TECRO will provide support and coverage as far as possible, so that delays do not occur. In the event of a delay, the delivery service provider  will take care of the situation.

How is shipped and received the product?

Mezzanines are shipped in boxes by an external agency. Products are transported in a truck with a raising platform that allow to unnload the box to the ground (to the building entrance in the street) 

The characteristics of the Tecrostar packages are:

  • Full T8 Mezzanine Tecrostar KIT: 240 cm x 113 cm; Height = 48 cm; Weight aprox. = 360 kg.
  • Full T15 Mezzanine Tecrostar KIT: 240 cm x 113 cm; Height = 63 cm; Weight aprox. = 650 kg.
  • Full T30 Mezzanine Tecrostar KIT: 2 packages of 240 cm x 113 cm; Height = 63 cm; Weight aprox. = 1550 kg (2 x 775kg each package)

How do I upload the producto to my flat?

Do not be scared by the total weight of the product, the pieces are light and handy, so you can easily move them and upload them in the elevator. The heavier pieces are the structural wooden boards (34kg - 2 x 0,9m) that form the floor of the mezzanine. For its handling we recommend 2 people, although the panels fit easily into any elevator.

Can I hire service for upload the material to my flat?

In most cases it is possible. 

Is it delivered on saturdays?


Is it delivered in metropolitan areas as the region of Paris?


Finishing details

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In the following video you can see how to install a T15-M completed mezzanine.

To install Tecrostar mezzanines, two adults are required  (no need to be professional DIY). It is recommended use safety equipment such us gloves, boots, etc..., to avoid any accidents.
You will need the following tools to install mezzanines: tape measure, some kind wrench for screws M10 and M8 and screwdriver (electric screwdriver makes the job easier), level, hammer, drill and some tool to cut the board (jigsaw, circular saw...)

Herramientas necesarias para montar un altillo

Scaffolds or ladders might be required for works at height, specially when the structure is higher than 3m.

All models are installed following the steps below:
1. Making a pre-assembly of the structure on the floor.
2. Raising the outside structure up to the desired height.
3. Finishing the installation of the structure and the structural floor.
4. Installing the stair and the railing.

Other products like stairs or railings are easier to install and require less tools.


How long it takes to install it? How many people are neede?

You can do it yourself. Just need a friend to help you out. You can install it easily in a few hours, depending on the product.

  • T8-S Mezzanine: 3 hours with 2 people
  • T15-M Mezzanine: 4 hours with 2 people
  • T30-L Mezzanine: 5 hours with 3 people*

Due to the high weight of the materials, the installation of this structure requires to use a considerable force. 

How do I pay for my order?

You can choose the payment method you prefer:

  • Bank Wire (1,5% discount): 100% in advance.
  • Paypal, (1.5% extra cost) with payment guarantees offered by this firm.
  • Credit card (1,5% discount): remember to adapt the maximum daily use of your card before purchasing any product.
  • Cash on delivery: with a deposit of 150 €, you can pay the rest when the product arrives at your home, with a surcharge of 5%, due to the cost of the transporter by reception that amount.
  • By check (cheque): to be collected after 30 days. As soon as we receive your order, our staff will contact you to send a messenger who picks up your check and bring it up to our facilities within the maximum safety. Once the check is received, your order will be shipped.
  • Companies: you can contact with our administration department on payment for companies.


Product Features


Tecrostar mezzanine is a unique product in the market, worldwide patented by Tecro. The adjustable mezzanine is the perfect solution to your space problems.


These are just a few of the many advantages of purchasing a Tecrostar mezzanine are:



Adjustable: thanks to its telescopic elements is suitable to adapt in every space, you can vary all its dimensions easily.


Versatile: you can adapt it to different spaces and use it for different purposes. You can change its dimensions whenever you want, even expand it infinitely. Besides there is a wide range of interchangeable accessories, stairs, railings, etc.

If you need a T15 ladder now and in the future a Spiral staircase, simply change it. Anchors are interchangeable and you can mix models, accessories, etc “The imagination is the only limit”


Extra Space Forever: buy a Tecrostar mezzanine and get a space of several square meters that will be yours forever. Furthermore, if you move in the future you can move your mezzanine with you easily or even resell it as a piece of furniture, as a bunk bed.

best price

Price: the best price without question, much cheaper than a removable or a custom-made mezzanine.


Guaranteed Safety: Tecro-Star mezzanines warrant the load capacity supported by its structures. Our calculations are carried out according to regulations with a safety factor of 1.5. More than 1.000 sold mezzanines support us.


Compliance with regulations: buying a mezzanine Tecrostar you ensure compliance with the most demanding European regulations in terms of structural and functional design.


Warranty: Tecrostar products are guaranteed for 10 years.


Quality of the materials: our products are made of high quality materials, indeed steel parts are cut by laser process avoiding sharp edges. The parts are painted by electrostatic process thereby ensuring uniform and resistant painted. The structural floor consists of waterproof interlocked wooden boards that are marked one by one to certify load capacity and compliance with regulations.

All of our products are manufactured entirely in our factory in Spain.


Immediate Delivery: delivery time is usually one week, for European countries. We deliver the box containing your Tecrostar product at your doorstep


Quick installation: your product comes in a week and the next day is installed. Video


Easy installation: all you need for the installation of a Tecrostar product would be a ratchet or a wrench set, a machine for cutting wood, a drill and a screwdriver.

We also send you our intuitive instructions manual for the installation and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. Thus in a very short period of time you will have your mezzanine ready.


Clean installation: the installation of Tecrostar products is clean and safe, it does not require having to weld, cut steel or paint; all you have to do is to recycle the packaging of your product.


Simple handling: all the components of Tecrostar mezzanines are very manageable (parts are shorter than 2.4m) and fit in an elevator, you will not have to fight with huge pieces that do not pass through the doors or scratch the walls.


Free advisory service: our team will be glad to help you with everything you may need now and in the future. You can contact us by mail, phone, chat, skype, etc.


Customizable: you can create your own mezzanine by combining different Tecrostar products. Moreover all RAL colors are available so you choose the one you like or combine various colors. You can chose your mezzanine RAL colour in http://www.ralcolor.com/


Patented product: all our products are protected by patents.

ligeraLight: its design makes it a very lightweight mezzanine that can support up to 6 times its own weight. It can be installed in any property as long as its load capacity (**) is limited.


(*) Package delivery is done at street level, situations in which it is needed to deliver in courtyards, gardens, etc. are excluded from regular delivery system, therefore the carrier will decide the best alternative place to deliver the product.

(**) Contact to Tecrostar technical department for more information.